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Simply put, Church Mouse Music is me, James Newton. More precisely, it is the name under which I publish my own songs, and those of one or two friends, and do a few other bits and pieces. Church Mouse Music is not really a business - it is essentially the hobby that I would be doing anyway and is run purely in my spare time. However, when making the facilities and expertise that I have built up available to others, I do make a charge to cover costs and compensate me for time spent - the rates usually depend on how well I know them!
Church Mouse Music provides :- Music Publishing and Recording, Copyright Administration, Sound Systems, and Web Site Design

Music Publishing and Recording

The original function of Church Mouse Music was to publish my own songs and those of one or two friends using DTP-level technology. Sheet music or song books are typeset using "simple" computer programs and then photocopied. Albums are recorded on a four-track recorder, mixed straight to cassette, which is then used as a master to copy from. Covers and labels are created using standard DTP tools.

Copyright Administration

Church Mouse Music is used to administer some copyright licensing for the songs published. This is primarily done through the Church Copyright Licence scheme, and I am signed up with CCLI as a copyright owner. Otherwise, copyright is retained by the authors.

Sound Systems

I also provide a sound systems for certain events. This is mostly for events organised by my church or Churches Together in Warminster, for whom no charge is made. I have provided sound for other events at a reasonable charge (plus expenses!), but only if it fits in with the rest of my life.

Web Site Design

On top of all this I am now doing a bit of web site design. This started out with my own site, and has spread into one or two other areas. It does mean that the Music part of the Church Mouse name is becoming inappropriate, however I'm going to stick with it if only for sentimental reasons.

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